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Imagine living in an area with expansive beaches, incredible views, charming cafes and gracious homes... this is Kitsilano.


Walking down Broadway or 4th Avenue, the commercial ‘heart’ of Kitsilano, you’ll find just about everything you might need – and a lot more. The area is bustling with professionals, families, and businesses catering to health and wellness, kids, home and design, and anyone with a creative flair.

Historically used as a summer settlement by the Squamish First Nations people, the area was claimed by an Irish settler named Greer in the 1800's, and populated as an early suburb in the late 19th century. In the 60's 4th Avenue became known as the ‘Rainbow Road’, as the area's older, ‘funky’ buildings, incredible natural beauty and proximity to the University of British Columbia attracted students, hippies, and a more alternative crowd. You can find out a bit more about local history at some of the area's museums.

Over the last 20 years this area has ‘morphed’ and condo developments have sprung up all over the neighbourhood. As Vancouver has grown, this community has shown itself to be very desirable and still attracts a young, hip crowd with its closeness to downtown and the university. Many of the older homes have now been converted to condo properties or rentals, or renovated to reflect their former glory.

Foodies note: the area is full of wonderful restaurants with everything from internationally renowned fine cuisine to fast food and catering companies. You'll find something for every taste and every budget.

One of the best features of the area is the proximity to beaches, parks and recreation. Lining the South side of English Bay are beautiful white sand beaches and parks. You can play volleyball on the beach, sail, windsurf or kite-surf in the Bay, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the seaside. While Kitsilano officially ends at Alma Street, only a short distance away is the University of British Columbia and the huge Endowment Lands around the University. Here you'll find an extensive network of forest trails where horse-riders, mountain bikers and hikers all can get away from the bustle of city life.

Generally the home prices in the area reflect how desirable an area it is to live in. Entry-level detached homes are nearly twice the price of those in East Vancouver. Entry level condos will cost approximately ½ - ¾ more than in East Vancouver.